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I enjoyed last weekend. After a relatively quiet one last week, this week i decided to do something to remind myself i was 32 but still young at heart. There wasn't anything big going on, but there was a local gig that i've enjoyed the vibe of in the past. For the very first time since i moved to Canada, i actually met up with someone before the party and did not go alone. I headed over to M's place for the evening, chilled for a while and then hit the gig. It was perhaps a little more techno-y than i would've liked, but overall i did enjoy it. One of the things i really like about this crew is that they are playing a lot of new music, but with a very throwback sound. Like from back in the days before even i started going out when there was less of a stark divide between house and techno. The music is "minimal" in the sense of being very spare, but not all clicks and beeps like minimal-the-genre. It's heavy on the bass and melody, with a good groove and some nice riffs to hang on to. I don't know what i'd call the genre, but i like it. I need to spend more time finding out about music again. It's been years since i bought any music, and the most recent electronic stuff i know is mid/late 2000s, which is a lifetime ago in this scene.

After the party we kicked back to her place and met up with D, who had been spinning at a different gig. Pretty much chilled all day listening to music and chatting and laughing at internet videos. It was a really nice time, and man oh man i've missed having people to talk to like this. Also having people who are really fucking into the music and can name a hundred tracks i've never heard of that are all great. I have to get me a Soundcloud account. And maybe spend some of my hard-earned cash on tunes, or something less shitty to listen to sets on than laptop speakers.

Of course, as i get more into the scene here, i am getting more and more invites. As it was most of my Facebook was just party invites and promoter updates, but with every new person i add who is a promoter or DJ it just gets more ridiculous. On the other hand, it also lets me find out about more cool events that aren't otherwise publicized. The problem is weekends like the coming one where there are five fucking events i'm interested in on Sunday (Monday is a holiday). And various people i know will be going to different ones. And if i go to one, i'll actually be going out on the one night this weekend when J is actually home. So i'm split between lots of music choice, a couple of friends here and there, and my wife. Can't do it all! Har. And what was it, six months ago i was bemoaning the lack of money and friends and pretty much anything worth living for? I'm rebuilding, man. Got me a life, and it's only costing me my weekdays and a not insubstantial slice of stress. Got me a life.

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