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Historically this has been a pretty shitty time of year for me, but now in 2012 i'm so busy i haven't really had time to fret about much of anything. Work is nuts. It's still kinda awkward sometimes because of the policy changes going down and people seem kinda nervous, but we're doing tight schedules and putting in a lot of features. The last two weeks have been a little less busy due to a more QA-focused cycle, but that is draining in itself because you go from nothing to do to critical big fix to back to nothing. I can't complain. In the evenings i'm just tired and i'm pretty much just making dinner and hanging out watching TV or whatever.

I've finally reclaimed my weekends, which is great. Not that anything in particular had been taking them away, aside from lack of money. I'm going out a lot, which i've missed so much. Making up for lost time. It's been nice to make more friends here, some of whom i can hang out with outside of parties, and others i just see as familiar faces on the night who come and say hi and share a smoke or a drink. Two weekends ago was Family Day, which was a three-day weekend. J was at a thing all weekend so i headed out every night. Made sure not to go too hard the first two nights so i still had something in reserve for Sunday, which was great because the party was ridiculous good. I've made friends with a local DJ who also happens to play music i really enjoy, so i'm becoming a bit of a groupie at his events. I am really digging the underground/afterhours scene here. I never really experienced it in Europe or Australia where they don't have a last call, so most gigs were held at upstanding establishments. Here there are a lot more warehouse/loft parties that are invitation-only and "secret" rave venues (that i'm sure everyone including the cops know about, but don't care). It's a lot of fun, and feels kinda special because it's so intimate.

This weekend just gone i headed out briefly for a birthday party Friday and then for a club-hopping two-gig affair Saturday. The first one was held at a regular bar, with all the regular bar crowd, and it was kinda deflating after all the underground gigs i've been to - even with Jason Hodges headlining. Still, i got my dance on and then headed to the afterhours. Unfortunately the venue they had lined up was more cramped than some of the others i've been to, and the crowd has started to pull some of the angry/sleazy techno types that i tend to go to these things precisely to get away from, so it wasn't the best night out. Still, there were some good tunes, a lot of new stuff that i've never been exposed to. I'm loving getting back into techno again (as opposed to house/psytrance/whatever). I still can't really get into the hard banging techno, but there are some guys here who are doing some wonderful deep and mellow stuff that makes me really happy. Of course when people like my friend G pull out the jackin or deep house it's a whole nother level of awesome.

I got invited to a big drum'n'bass party in a couple weeks. Somehow i still can't bring myself to get excited, even if friends are going. I can deal with a bit of jungle at home, but i've never enjoyed it at parties, certainly not all night long. Fucking relentless snare drums. Also i think i'm too old to dance at 160bpm. I'm not entirely sure how 6-7 years ago i'd bounce around to hard house at the same tempo. Kinda sucks having your body get old on you. Still, there's nothing as wonderful as coming home after a gig where you've been grooving for 6+ hours straight. After the Family Day jam i was hurting for days, and i loved it.

And that's my life. Work work work. Party. Plus all the homey things like chores and dinner and snuggling. I've become very slack with my medication, but eh. My sister landed in Denver last night to meet with her internet boyfriend. She is very strongly considering moving to the US to marry him. I've heard Seattle and NYC mentioned. We shall see how it goes. I wish she'd be more open about where the fuck she's going to be over the next 90 days so i can actually go see her (and her boy). Not to mention my dad who landed in NYC over the weekend without any warning. Doesn't he realize it's an hour flight and only a few hundred dollars away? Even if i only met him for dinner and spent the rest of the weekend bumming around the city on my own it would've been worth it. Freakin lame ass family i have. This is why i'm not really close to any of them - not even through much fault of my own. Bleh. At least i have J. And my LJ ;-)

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