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It occurred to me Sunday afternoon that ever since i started full-time work i have let a lot of things go that were just too much of a pain in the ass to get done. I resolved to start on it this week, but now it's all already done with much less effort than i expected. I paid all my bills Sunday night. Today i refilled my meds, canceled my Australian credit card, changed my Australian bank account to one that "only" charges $5 per month in fees, and transferred ~$60 credit out of my other (already-canceled) Australian credit card into my account. And i ordered contact lenses. I did have to spend a bunch of time on the phone, but it's totally worth it to know i don't have any more of these shit jobs outstanding. Just have the 2011 taxes to go.

I really should kick my ass into doing the other freelance work i said i was going to continue part-time once i started working here. But ugh, not quite there yet. The last month or two, basically ever since those policy changes happened, work has been extremely draining. It's not the work itself so much as the energy there right now. As a result on the weekends i'm going harder than ever to just unwind from it all, but that's leaving me with no free time to do "normal" shit, and leaving me kinda frazzled for the week too. Vicious circle. I need another vacation.

It was revealed last week that my manager was quitting, and his last day is this Friday. You know, just to make sure the office stays as shook up as it can. To be honest i wasn't surprised in the slightest, but it still sucks. They won't be hiring anyone new for the position this quarter - if it all - either. Flashbacks to the place i worked at back in 2006, for real. Trying not to think about shitty times from the past.

I got money. That's the main thing. J will be done with college soon and completely broke, like zero income, so i'm glad i can help out till she finds work (or longer if she decides to go on to university). And i'm glad i can afford to not worry about bills. Or weekends. And i'm even putting away some savings too. So life is good, on that front at least. Did i mention i got my hair done a couple weeks ago? By a guy i met clubbing, no less. Yay techno music.

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