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Last weekend i threw caution to the wind and went out to a gig i was really looking forward to. It was only local DJs, but they were all DJs i've grown to really enjoy over the past few years here, and they didn't disappoint. It was wonderful to bump into so many people i've seen before, to have little chats and exchange updates, dance together and enjoy this music we love. I stayed out much too late and didn't get a whole lot of sleep before Monday morning hit. Work was a drag, but i did feel better. Tuesday it all caught up to me and i ended up feeling as sick as i did the Friday before. I continue to be sick, but hopefully a good long sleep tonight will fix that.

It's nice to have a three-day weekend ahead. I'm a little bummed that Canada doesn't give you Easter Monday off like Australia, but i'll live. Apparently in Buffalo they have grand Dyngus Day festivities, which is the first i've heard of it outside of quit's journal. Speaking of dead cities, J is going to Detroit for the weekend. Somehow i thought i'd be the first one to go visit, if not for DEMF then just out of curiosity. Instead i will bum around here, watch TV, all that. I should be partying hard because i have a "free" weekend, but there's not much going on. Well, not much besides Sonny Fodera from Australia, but he's playing a club and i just can't get excited about that having mostly done afterhours and raves lately.

We are looking for a new apartment. It's time. I've gone back and forth on it because J's student loan has run out and because i earn too much and we're married she's not eligible for another one (or unemployment benefits for that matter). Fucking bullshit laws forcing codependence on people. But anyway. With my salary i could certainly afford a bigger place on my own, but we don't want to go too crazy in case her first job is part-time or minimum wage. Neither of us want that imbalance. So yeah, it's tough to find a one-bedroom place here that is larger than 600 square foot and less than $1200. And looking for apartments is so, so fucking draining. Even worse when you're sick. I hate doing personal stuff at work too. I felt so guilty today leaving at 3:30 to view a place, even having told my boss in advance. The place was alright - i've seen it before because a friend lives in the building. The only real downside is that the kitchen has literally about 2 feet of counter space, most of which would presumably be taken up by a drying rack. Unfortunately kitchens don't seem to be a priority in apartment buildings here. I love cooking too much to give it up, though. Tonight i started looking for islands, but that's a whole mission in itself because most are custom-built and cost a fortune. But back to the apartment, it'd be really freakin weird to live in the same building as a friend. I think about awkward scenarios like where i'd go to an afterparty - and sometimes i deliberately don't go home because i'm wasted and don't want to subject J to my nonsense - but then actually just be a couple floors away from my actual home. Or, like, calling a friend to drop by and you're there in 30 seconds. I've never had that before and it feels odd. It's not unheard-of, though, because i've known people (colleagues and friends) who share the same apartment and it's no big deal. Hum.

In other news, Dirk Gently is thoroughly hilarious. I rarely watch shows where people drink tea, and even more rarely am i actually drinking tea myself at that same instant, so henceforth i shall deem it my sick show. This, plus Netflix, which i ordered last week, may just nurse me back to health. And if i'm not healthy i will ignore it and still go to my Ableton class and have some beers Saturday because that shit is just too much fun. Love writing music again.

Extremely scattered entry, i know. I shall blame it on the cold.

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