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There were some very absurd drunk texts in my phone Friday morning. From me to others, that is. I don't even recall sending them. It was yet another of those nights that was supposed to be a quick after work sesh and turned into a total shit show. But Friday i had to work, so i struggled in late, and left early, because J and i were visiting an apartment. Last week sucked ass for that. I rushed around like crazy and also left early Tuesday to get an application in, then heard Wednesday the place we had applied for had been taken in between the time i dropped off my application with the super and the real estate guy getting it in his hand. Fortunately there were two other units in the building, but J wasn't keen due to them having a view of the cemetery. We talked about it and viewed one (again) Friday before deciding to go for it anyway, but of course now there may be other people who have put in applications ahead of us. I just want it to end. I was a cranky bitch this week due to all the personal phone calls i had to make from work, lost lunches and early exits. I don't like crossing my work and home life, and i feel particularly awkward and guilty whenever i am on the phone (or internet) for non-work-related stuff in the office. Though i will admit that a random personal text i received late Friday morning was completely hilarious and made my day.

Friday night was a one-year anniversary gig for a party i've been going to for the last six months or so. It was a blast, and it made me happy realizing how many people i've met since i started going out regularly again. Briefly stopped into a bizarre afterhours (not for the techno/rave crowd AT ALL) before kicking back listening to tunes at a friend's. I still made it home by 10, which was probably a wise move because i had (early) class at 3:30. Unfortunately my buddy who i'm doing my class with hadn't recovered from the night so i flew solo, which sucks for her because there was a lot to absorb. Learned some really cool workflow concepts, which is exactly what i need the class for. I sense other people are struggling because they don't have a background in writing music. They don't know how effects or synths or samples work, so they have that barrier on top of learning the software, but for me just learning the software it's really productive. Due to my friend not being there we didn't have our usual post-class jam session, which was a bit of a bummer, but i spent the rest of the weekend at home just mucking around. It is so time-consuming for me to piece this stuff together now, but at least i'm working on it. I'm sure i'll be able to get tracks together quicker again if i keep practicing.

I was going to write more, but J is home and we are both hungry. Time to cook dinner and then bed and more work. And more nail-biting to see if we got the place. Sigh.

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