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This has been a bit of a weird weekend. It kinda got off on the wrong foot when we had a work lunch on Friday to celebrate the release. That turned into an afternoon of outdoor drinking (partly on company dime), then extended on into the evening. By the time i got to a friend's place i was done for, skipped clubbing and went home around 4am. Saturday i felt like utter shit, but i did do groceries and spend some time hanging out with J. At some point she decided to go to her parents for the night, getting a ride up with a friend who was coming over after dinner. I actually passed out for a bit after dinner but woke up in time to hide in the bedroom before said friend arrived. She wasn't too impressed with that, but i don't know what else to do lately. It's nothing personal, i just hate feeling like my place isn't my own, and all these people visiting make me feel like an attraction at a zoo.

After she left i had the option to pass out or head out. I chose the latter. Grabbed some drinks and proceeded to chill out at home going on a music mission, tangentalizing into psytrance, which i haven't listened to in ages. Last weekend i was at a friend's place listening to a bunch of "minimal wave" tunes, and when we hit upon Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque i got the bug again. Can't believe i've never heard that track before, it's some seriously in your face EBM from 1981. Too repetitive for my buddies, but to me it was like finding a banging little embryo of acid house and psytrance. Especially because it's not whiney and angsty like most EBM. But yah, psy. New favorite band is Loopus In Fabula, some thoroughly silly Italian stuff whose debut release was on a local (Australian) record label i had the opportunity to release on back in the day. Sigh.

After the psytrance interlude i hit an underground house party for a DJ's 40th birthday. Perfect example of how J and i have different ideas about what "growing up" means. This isn't my first 40th at a rave, and i hope in a few years when it's my turn i'll still be enjoying this music and scene as much as i do now. Music was good fun and banging, and i bumped into a bunch of "party friends" (that being, the ones i talk to regularly at gigs but rarely visit at home). Unfortunately around 3am some drunken idiot decided to get all over me on the dancefloor. As usual i played along for a bit, because why not, but did make it clear i wasn't interested (in sex, or in men). At a certain point, though, after i'd physically pushed him away a few times he just kept coming. I guess i could've really shoved him, but this wasn't just some shitty bar, it was a friend's party at a friend's venue. It kinda killed my mood so i said my happy birthdays and goodbyes and headed home. The nice thing is that i didn't feel too disappointed doing it because i knew i was heading home to an empty house. Got home and cooked some food to sober up then listened to some more tunes before turning in. That's the way it should be.

So today is humid and overcast and i'm chilling out listening to some tunes with a couple beers in the fridge for later if i get in the mood. I could go to a movie (i'd really like to see Prometheus) or write some music or just enjoy the lazy Sunday vibes. Feels like i'm in Australia again, and not in a bad way. I miss this.

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