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So it's my first weekend home alone. This was one crazy party weekend - there was Pride, and Canada Day, and a big EDM festival all going on same weekend. I'm not a big fan of those huge/busy events, but i had singled out a couple of side gigs and after hours that looked fun. Didn't make it to any. Friday i spent the night with friends talking music. Went home in the morning to work on a song i started while i was camping. Saturday just napped and did chores. Yesterday i made a valiant attempt to go to a Pride side gig, but the stage had been shut down so i came home and ended up writing music all night again. It's nice not worrying about keeping someone up. And having fucking beer in the fridge. I'm really happy with the track i worked on last night. Actually, i'm just over the moon to be working on music again, period. It's been almost ten years. Technology passed me by in the time but thank God my friend pushed me to take that Ableton class a couple months ago, because that's really helped me get serious about the new tools. I love it so much. I know i don't have near the skills i used to, and the overall production quality in the scene is higher too, but to be able to send a work-in-progress MP3 to a friend of mine who is a signed artist/DJ and have him honestly dig it is such a good feeling. Even if it never gets signed, i'm expressing myself again.

So yeah. Been in a haze since Friday, passing out on my computer with headphones on, waking up, cracking a beer, getting back to it. Fuck, i have till Wednesday off. I actually un-requested two vacation days at work because i didn't know if i'd be up to staying home alone for six days straight. So far this weekend has proven that i can. Of course i suck for not meeting up with my buddy who's up from Philly, or anyone else who's out and about this weekend, but there's time for that. Maybe i'll get my shit together tonight, or maybe i'll just stay home and keep groovin. Whatever. This is good. This is really good.
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