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This is the first night in about six weeks that i haven't had a drink. Which isn't to say i've been a hopeless alcoholic, but i've definitely had more than a few evenings where i drank till i passed out. Of course i'm always up in time for work the next day, though most weekdays i feel like shit. In spite of my more or less constant inebriation in the evenings and on weekends, i have been getting a bunch of positive stuff done for myself. For the first time in over 10 years i have been actively writing music. It was always hard when i had a partner at home because i felt like i owed them my time and attention. Music isn't really a neat little chore you can fit into an hour block and then stop - when you're "on" it might be 3am before you look around and realize everyone else is in bed. That happened last Thursday after i bought a DJ controller and some monitors. I never really had much of an interest in DJing - i've always been much more interested in writing the music - but a friend of mine bought some CDJs a few weeks back and ever since i had a quick play on them i've been hooked. It's a great feeling when you mix two songs perfectly, and you're really only limited by your music collection, so you can practice for hours and hours without getting bored. It's a different skill to making music - more immediately satisfying and less frustrating because if you fuck up a mix you just go on to the next song instead of spending hours trying to make one tiny thing sound perfect. It's giving me a different insight into the music too. What works for DJs isn't always what works for listening. There's so much to learn and i'm loving that i'm finally spending my free time on things that truly make me happy. Here's to the single life! Heh.
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