April 10th, 2003

on the res


Hello. I am sick. I had been sick for a while, but i was managing. Monday and Tuesday i thought i'd finally gotten over it. Yesterday i woke up with the rasping, burning throatache from hell. I went to bed around 8pm - and then woke up at midnight just in time to watch Saddam's statue get pulled over... and then fell asleep for another seven hours. My throat has been slightly better today, but my nose is running and my head is spinning.

I need to go to bed again. I've been in a daze all day. Two days now i've forced myself to go to work in spite of my health. I've been eating well, sleeping longer, exercising a little, trying to improve my mood. I'm going to survive this and i'm going to get where i need to be.

I so want to snuggle with T right now.