April 26th, 2005

on the res

the entertaining slice

Well we did have a fairly entertaining weekend and it was the first weekend of my vacation. And i sliced the end of my finger off. But let's rewind. Since it was a long weekend and the first weekend of my vacation and there was nothing exciting on i floated the idea of crashing a goth night. We ended up getting a small band of tie-dye, colored tops, phat pants, candy to the elbows and visor-clad kids rocking up to raise hell.

Plenty of beers later i'm singing along to half the songs and dancing around having flashbacks to being 15 and bopping around to rock and industrial music. Even more beers and tequila shots and random chats to vampires later i sliced my finger open on a piece of broken glass that was sitting on the bar. It was pissing out blood like crazy, i felt so gawth. We did some emergency surgery in the bathrooms and then escaped to The Beat to sit down and get lots of gay luff. But they kicked us out 20 minutes after we got there because it was closing at 3AM because of the holiday on Monday, the fuckers. End of story, a valley combat medic fixed me up with band-aids and sent me home. Yesterday i spent all day lying on the couch being looked after by two mates, one of whom is a med student and rescued my finger from certain infection and gangrenous growths. We watched the Friends marathon and ate burgers and snuggled and found a bong monster under the stairs...

Anywho, now it's the REAL first day of my vacation and my finger is throbbing and in pain so i can't actually drive very well which kinda screws up my plans for this week. But meh, perhaps it'll still happen. Thursday there's a student protest thingo, Friday hopefully we're going camping to return Sunday for some fire-twirling at Moon Fest. Maybe. Somewhere in there i wanted to take my car in to get a few little things fixed and do some shopping and cleaning and get comics and other things. Right now i just feel like lying on the couch all day again being miserable. Maybe i'll get comics and beer and come home and THEN lie on the couch being miserable.

But i'm already feeling about a hundred times better. Was pretty cranky Friday afternoon for having my boss keep me back late. I got a wonderful vacation gift that night but, an awesome bath with candles and bubbles that relaxed me so much. Then the weekend, and this morning a phone call at 10am and i just didn't pick it up. I won't be picking up any home phone calls unless it's after 7pm, and my cellphone calls are screened. Fuck anything to do with work for two weeks, i just need this time for me, to let me relax and not stress about things. Try and work things out.

Ah sore finger doesn't like to type :-(