June 29th, 2005

on the res

OMG teh melbournez!

So a last-minute opportunity opened up at work this afternoon and now i'm flying to Melbourne at 7am tomorrow morning! I could've made it a one-day trip but since i was taking Friday off anyway i can stretch it out till Saturday. It's actually cheaper for my boss to go down till then anyway because last-minute and Friday flights seem to be twice the price. I'm excited! Never been to Melbourne before and i'll get the chance to catch up with my sister and a few other people who've migrated down there over the past few months. Should be loads of fun :-)

It's so last minute i'm really scared we've forgotten stuff, but i was in work till after 6 trying to get everything sorted out. With a bit of luck it'll all run smoothly and i'll get most of the work done Thursday, plus staying an extra day i can double-check the overnight reporting on Friday too. Yay! I'm worried my other boss might be upset that i'm disappearing in the middle of varying bits of chaos going on, but at the end of the day i've been breaking my fucking back for him the past couple months. Plus boss #1 was the guy who originally hired me to work for him, not boss #2.

So tomorrow will be the second crazy day of the week, after Tuesday i had to be up at 6am to get to a 7am breakfast at the Hilton... then a 4pm training session i still had to prepare that same day. Oof. One of my colleagues is looking for other jobs at the moment, and my plan is to do the same thing after finishing my degree and going to Earthcore. We're really getting burned out :-(

Gotta be protected because i'm still paranoid about work people finding this...