August 23rd, 2005

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Music Meme

You know i can't resist when one of these comes along. This one's stolen from jenndolari.

Go here. In the Search box in the upper right hand corner, enter the year you graduated from high school. The first item returned should be the 100 songs from that year. Cut and paste them into your journal. Bold the ones you like. Underline your favorite. Strike through the songs you loathe. Italicize the ones you can't remember. Leave it untagged if you're without an opinion.

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1997, what a shitty year for music in America. Fucking r'n'b. I'm sure we had better taste in Europe! So here we go. Top 50 singles in the UK, 1997 - grabbed from here.

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Hell man, even Australia had U2 "Discotheque", some decent Savage Garden and Silverchair. Right on... Haven't heard that Rosie Gaines song in ages, i loved that, full on sexy deep house.

Anywho, bed time. Anyone on my friends list have a better graduating year than me? Check out this site for a good round-up of singles charts from non-US countries.