November 21st, 2005

on the res

rave update

Friday night, Desyn Masiello plus a local line-up of proggy and housey guys. Great vibe, intimate venue, great sound system, cheap beers, great recovery at an old friend's who played me lots of oldskool techno and acid. Doesn't get much better - i just wish i'd remembered my earplugs because the sound system was brutal and my ears were hurting already halfway through the night :-(

Saturday night, Scott Brown and Hixxy plus three rooms of local hardcore people and one room of jungle. I was going to skip this one because it was all hardcore but all my mates were going and i got a $25 ticket at last minute. Well, i was still hungover from Desyn and had wonderful house and Detroit in my head so the hardcore was just way too fast and way too boring. The jungle wasn't much better. I was yawning and about to fall asleep at 11 already. I left at 2. It was good to catch up with friends but i'm really over hardcore parties that don't have a trance or even hard dance/nrg room. I guess that means i'm getting old...

Sunday morning up by 7am to get to the recovery in the park. Lots of good chats and watching the boats zoom round the river and the birds make psytrance noises. Hardcore coming out of a laptop after 4 hours sleep is better than out of a speaker stack after 2 hours sleep. Fun times.

Sunday night was a bridesmaid meetup. I had an anxiety attack trying on a dress :-( I have serious issues with wearing girly clothes. I almost puked in the changing rooms and i couldn't breathe. I don't know if i can do it hey. I need to think about it. It's just going to be so hard for me to be wearing a dress anyway much less having photos taken of me in it. Photos that people are going to keep... fucking ugh. We shall see. I did have nice drinks later in the night though and everyone relaxed a bit. That was good.

Today... has been packing. Tomorrow morning first thing we fly out to Melbourne. We're getting the rental car Thursday afternoon and will drive to Earthcore Friday morning to stay till Sunday evening. Fingers crossed for no rain! Get back Sunday evening and we will be going to see Paul Mac perform live. I hope it's more like a rave than a concert because most concerts i've been to bore the fuck out of me. We shall see. Somewhere in between i hope to go to a some other cool Melbourne nightspots during the week and i also hope to find a kick ass Mexican restaurant for dinner. That is the plan. Mostly, i just wanna have a blast and forget about work for two weeks.

It's going to be an adventure!!!