December 1st, 2005

on the res

Melbourne OMG

Well i'm back. Got back last night. I'm still tired. Melbourne was the bomb. Left last Tuesday and just hung out with a friend who moved down a few months back. He was sick so we couldn't party, but we went out and ate loads of yummy food and i bought two new pairs of pants... size 16 now. When will it stop??? Like last time, my whole Melbourne experience was limited to St Kilda, Windsor, Prahran, South Yarra and the city. Some day i really need to visit Brunswick and the other burbs. But oh well.

Earthcore. Wow, Earthcore was awesome. It was a whole village of techno. Just... techno techno techno. Except for the one tent where they were playing breaks it was 909s all day, all night, like a little slice of heaven :-) Though heaven would have air conditioning and cleaner toilets. And more acid. And less bugs. And stuff. But yeah. Cool. I'll insert my in-depth ramble below.


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After Earthcore and Paul Mac it was just more good eats. Fresky in Prahran have gotta have the best breakfast EVER. The pizza at Topolino's in St Kilda is fucking divine. And Tuesday night we finally made it to Fiesta, the Mexican restaurant in South Yarra that scatterbeetle recommended. Awesome!!! It was like eating at a Mexican place in California again, except they didn't have Tapatio. I got a beef burrito that seemed to be carne asada meat or close to it, which was awesome. It wasn't very hot (despite asking for extra spicey), but the flavor was good. I was STUFFED at the end - it was a real rito with rice and everything. Yum. Gotta go back there and try the other stuff. I wish Brisbane had shit hot Mexican places :(

I really enjoyed it down there. I forget something i really miss in Brisbane is having a bit of nightlife, and not just on Fridays and Saturdays and not just in two suburbs but all over the place all the time. The food was just incredible, the restaurants there aren't afraid to put some flavor in their dishes. Being closer to the pole and actually having some light in the evenings was tops. The trams are the bomb, none of this shitty wait half an hour for a bus that doesn't rock up and then get dropped 20 minutes walk from where you want to be anyway bullshit that Brisbane has. Maybe the rest of Melbourne is shit but where i was was just great.

Unfortunately the people also seem to be such wankers. Honestly. I must've said g'day to like 10 people down there, staying at the same apartment block or parking cars next to each other or just waiting at the tram stop and not one said hi back. Didn't get to chatting with anyone at the pubs. Got lots of turned up noses for wearing cargos and Adidas and looking trashy. The only people we talked to WEREN'T from fucking Melbourne, they were tourists or immigrants. It drove me nuts how up themselves people seemed to be. And then the (few) cool people said well you just need to find a good group of people and stick with them... but then that's exactly the thing - in Brisbane you don't have to stick in your group because when you're at the pub you can have a chat with anyone and it's cool. Then again maybe it's just those pretentious suburbs?

I'm pondering it because a move to Melbourne may be on the cards next year. Just for a change of pace, something different... More on that one later.