May 22nd, 2006

on the res


So yeah, i was just writing an email and i thought i might as well chuck it in my journal too because it's the soundtrack to my life at the moment.

I am fucking sick to death of gothy emo-ish nu-metal-y rock music. If i hear one more Placebo track i think i will slit my wrists it's getting that depressing. Any time i hear a guitar or some whiney singer winding up i want to jump out of the living room window. I mean, i even own some of this music and i'm sick of it, mainly because i'm not in the mood to listen to it and it really is pretty depressing shit when you're not feeling like an angsty teenager. I'm feeling like a pathetic angsty urban professional who can't get a job - i need stuff like Marc Almond being condescending, not Muse being miserable.

Anywho, this overdose of rock music combined with my broken/useless CD player issue has led me to find music on the net. I'm behind the PC fairly often looking for jobs and doing some part-time stuff anyway, so it's ideal. I rediscovered this website called Deep House Page ( which has a billion squillion house music mixes on it. Something sidetracked me into searching for WBMX, which was a Chicago r'n'b music station in the 80s. They're also famous for introducing house music to the masses. I'm downloading mixes from 1985 by people like Frankie Knuckles, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralphie Rosario etc. It's like early house with disco, new wave, electro, r'n'b and whatever else they could find sounded cool together. I'm loving it. Lots and lots.

This afternoon i have my second interview at "B". I'm going to do my best, though i've already been told the permanent position has been taken and they can only offer me a 9 month contract now. I'm off the Perl job and onto makefiles and shell scripts and release engineer sorta stuff. That's pretty disappointing, but it might still be alright.

The interview at "D" went quite well, and man oh man i REALLY want that fucking job. It's like one of those IT dream jobs (well, hopefully) - telecommuting, casual dress, open source, overseas clients etc. I know i'd be able to do it really well, but if someone else is interviewed with more Perl experience i might lose out to them. I won't hear back from "D" for another week, though, which is really pushing things.

We'll see. If "B" don't give me a real good offer on a contract i'll just say no and leave it between Previous Employer and "D". If "B" looks really cool i'll check to see what "D" are thinking and if i don't get a positive response "B" is it. Or something. We'll see.