October 31st, 2006

on the res

ooo candy corn!

Happy Halloween everyone! I will be bringing candy corns and Reese's Pieces and teeth to work and that's all the celebration i can do because they don't sell enough cool shit here. Ye Olde Lolly Shoppe (or whatever it's called) had the coolest Halloween display, though, with blacklights and glowing bones and all kinds of fun things. It almost made the pain of spending $8 on a small bag of candy corn and $3 per microscopic bag of Reese's Pieces not so bad.

I also got Monster Munch crisps, which are English chips shaped like monster feet. I hadn't eaten those since i was a nipper. Flashbackorama.

In other news, my belly is weird. I used to eat a lot of spam, bean burritos, processed hotdogs, bean nachos, hot sauce fry-ups, canned chilis, take-out etc. a year ago. Now i eat lots of "real" lean meat dishes with rice or potatoes or whatever. You know, normal food. Last night i had a spam dish that was practically dripping lard and i could swear i feel skinnier today. I'm certainly less bloated than normal. I wonder if there's something in regular meat that doesn't agree with me. Or maybe rice. Man i'd never make a good chef. I like processed food way too much.

Edit: ooo, forgot to mention... pumpkins for carving - $20 at Safeway! Twenty bucks!