March 12th, 2007

under the bridge

miles and miles

So i went to see Miles Maeda last night. He was very very good. Better than Derrick Carter. My body is destroyed. It feels great. I need breakfast. I must go out more often.
under the bridge

tonight i'm gonna house you

imported from MySpace blog on July 27, 2009

For all you long-time readers (yes all none of you) i did end up going to Derrick Carter.  I had a great recommendation from a friend in Brisbane, plus Steve Bug was playing at Honky Tonks, which allegedly had a dress code that'd never let a jeans and wifebeater Adidas slob like me in.  I since discovered that said dress code didn't exist, and Honky Tonks was a Melbourne institution that is now closed forever.  Well that sucks.  Derrick Carter didn't.  He was boompty.

Last night i went to Miles Maeda blind, on the recommendation of Tiny E.  I don't know if she's really tiny, i think she's actually tall.  Anywho.  And it was awesome, yes it was.  Fucking awesome.  And i was thinking to myself, when did i turn into this house person?  I've always liked house music, especially the old Trax Records stuff from the 80s, but i never went out to gigs.  I guess it's always been easier to find small gigs where they play techno or psytrance or whatever.  But Melbourne's got a great underground house community.  That rocks.

Though yanno what'd be really rad is finding somewhere where they played that real acidy techy Djax-Up-Beats kinda stuff.  That was some good house that was.  I guess the parties i went to in the 90s played that, so maybe house isn't all that new to me at all.  Just pianos and vocals and chicks in dresses and dudes with don't touch the hair hair.  Fun times.

Years ago i saw this signature that said "ravers don't get old, they just get an increased tolerance for house music".  Heh.