July 28th, 2007

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Have i mentioned here my new-found love of cocktails yet? I guess it started when a mate in Brisbane served me Campari on the rocks before dinner one night. Or perhaps it started when i read Hawaiian Dick and saw all the recipes in the back. Or perhaps it was all the fabulous bars i've been to lately. Either way, i've gradually started building up a liquor cabinet and i've been coming up with all kinds of fun concoctions. A couple weeks ago i bought my first bottle of vodka in years - Belvedere from Poland. It's "premium" so i figured it'd taste better than most vodka. No such luck, still tastes like ethanol. However i did discover vodka is a great base for cocktails, perhaps precisely because it tastes of nothing besides alcohol.

Here's one i created two weeks ago...

Al's Lycheetini

2 shots Belvedere
0.5 shot Cachaca 51
2 lychees
half a lime's worth of lime juice
one blob of chopped palm sugar

Muddle, shake with ice, strain into martini glass. I'm not sure the cachaca was necessary but i needed something to perk up the vodka somehow. I'll experiment with other things as i buy them.

Today i bought some white curacao (unfortunately not "Curacao of Curacao", but seems you can't get that here). So i've made something refreshing and not too heavy given that i may have some kind of awful liver disease or God knows what.

Al's Rocky Half Tai

1.5 shots Mount Gay
0.5 shots white curacao
half a lime's worth of lime juice

Shake with ice to cool and crunch up, pour the lot into an old-fashioned glass. Sprinkle with nutmeg. I think it's missing something. More orange - maybe a twist? Still it's got that nutmeg bitter and lime bite that i like. Feels tropical without being creamy or too sweet, which rocks.

I think i base most of my stuff off caipirinhas and mojitos, which i've decided are the best cocktails ever (besides the dry martini). Nice and daily drinkable :-) Though come to think of it, maybe the daily drinkable is why i have the stabbing side pain. Fuck this getting old shit.

Melbourne definitely needs more lesbians. Now M is gone i know none. Where are those hot soft butch/dykey femme types that like to actually go out and party downtown and not sit around eating vegan food in some log cabin country pub? I really miss going out and raising hell with chicks around.

Wheee new user pic. This is from January. I wish i had a pic of me yesterday after i got my new haircut. It's so awesome. Back to bright red again, and with a side-part/fringe/bangs that's now enough i could blend in with the Bang Gang electro house hipsters but with a bit of modern mullet action and still back-tiable. Fuck yes. I do so like getting my hair done. I should be out dancing with beautiful people instead of sitting at home drinking alone. Sigh.
on the res

the beef, where it is yo?

imported from MySpace blog on July 27, 2009

Is there noone in this town who plays fuckin house music? Jesus. What's on tonight? According to inthemix, we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - count 'em - fucking 7 gigs where they play goddamned electro/disco/clash/new rave/indie/techno/dirty/punk/aural rape. Some breaks. One straight up and down electro house night. For fuck's sake are they serious? If i wanted to listen to indie rock or 80s pisstakes i'd go to a rock or 80s gig. Sooo very uninterested in techno that's not techno. And Melbourne Techno Collective can bite me because, you know, i'm cranky right now and washing machine music sucks too.

Yoshi is also playing some hard house/psytrance/whatever-he-plays-now. If i had a trailer of drugs and didn't feel sick that would be just the ticket. Instead i think i shall sit at home watching Scrubs and not drinking alcohol because i am sick, quite possibly with some kind of fucked up internal shit due to drinking too much alcohol. Yeah my life rocks. Home alone and sober and single (more or less). Go me. I am going to stroke my chin some more. Where is my House Party Crew :-(