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I think i might be driving my neighbors nuts with the 3-note basslines that have been blasting out of my speakers the last 24 hours. I got home from Harvest around 6:30pm yesterday. My body is completely destroyed from dancing, lugging camping shit back and forth and driving 5 hours both ways, but it was so worth it. It's probably the highest production value festival i've ever been to. The site is owned by an artist who has built amazing sculptures all over the place, and the promoters and punters take it even further. We camped outside a massive crashed spaceship that became the techno stage. There was a huge pyramid, domes, lasers over the water, floating balloon stars, gingerbread walls, fluoro spiderwebs, graffiti, spaghetti corridors, a mechanical pegasus (?), bonfires, fuck, i don't even know. It's the first party i've been to that played psytrance since Earthcore 2006, and i realized Saturday night how desperately much i've missed the music, and the culture. I went with a couple of house/techno buddies, and although i did pop in to see Rob Acid and a couple of other techno DJs, by far the musical highlight was losing myself to some crazy psy breaks early in the evening, and a killer forest trance set from around 3 to 5am. I hated the melodic shit that came on after that, but i was still in two minds about leaving just because the vibe was so good in the trance tent. Psytrancers are definitely a different breed to "regular" ravers, even the ones who make it out to outdoor festivals. One invited me to have a sword fight earlier in the day, which i ended up winning a gold medal for (it was the Pardiolympics, you had to be there). I'm not really as much of a hippie as i think most of them are, but there's a bit more of a laissez-faire attitude that makes me feel really at-ease totally losing myself in the music and dancing like a maniac. Not to mention the music is full of all the wicked noises i like the best. I think i'm going to rent a car and disappear out to what's probably the last doof of the season in a couple weeks. I doubt any of my techno friends will come with because it's going to be a 24-hour psytrance extravaganza, but i think i need some of that outdoor craziness back in my life. Hopefully i won't freeze to death. Harvest was definitely up there (frost in the mornings made for a slippery walk to the car). Friday night they only played ambient/chill and some folk rock, so everyone clustered around the bonfires and chatted. Though i actually did more talking Saturday because i'm a shy panda and had to work up to it. Some insect bit me on the ass when i was taking the tent down. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. I should probably be in bed already. I'm avoiding it so i don't lose the last few fragments of this wonderful weekend. It wasn't the best or most transformative party i've been to, but it was definitely unforgettable and i didn't want it to end.
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