June 21st, 2009

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today i got very rained on

J and i had a date night, we're trying to do one every few weeks so we remember why we're married. On my walk i took earlier in the week i spotted a Mexican restaurant so today we went to try it out. First thing we get in the hostess is speaking Spanish, we get corn chips and salsa, they bring out the menu and right at the top is sopa de lima (followed by pozole) so things looked really positive. We shared the soup and some guacamole to start, then i got tacos (beef, chicken and chorizo) and she got pollo poblano. Jarritos tamarindo to drink. Flan for dessert. I swear you'd think i'd just gotten laid by the time i had that last mouthful. I was on top of the world. Seriously good eating, and not a refried bean in sight.

Now, i should know better than to eat barely-cooked cream and eggs but damnit it was worth it, even if we did have to buy more Imodium because there wasn't enough in my pill box. I'm such a hot date! The movie (Up) wasn't great, but perhaps i was expecting too much of Pixar's Wall-E follow-up. Wall-E was just so freakin goddamn awesome. Or maybe i just don't get dog humor. I'm kinda biased since the spoiled little motherfucker downstairs bit me. I would love to be a weird old cat lady, but i'd probably have to file for divorce first, so i guess i will make do with teddy bears. Of which, by the way, i have none because they're all on the boat. Not the best idea i ever had. I miss my babies...

Tomorrow is Father's Day in Canada. All my life i grew up not celebrating Hallmark holidays, we barely even celebrated the "big" stuff like birthdays or Christmas... But you know everyone else does. And then it kinda bums me out because my dad is on the other side of the world and we don't talk as much as we should. I haven't really had much in the way of other father figures in my life, most only adopted ones from my partners. I never really expressed love or appreciation when i could have... I want to try now. J's dad really tries hard to connect and he is so proud to have a kid-in-law... We are all going to watch Star Trek tomorrow and then barbeque for dinner. I guess you need to focus on what you have, not what you don't have.

I didn't get a card. Getting cards for me is... it's very hard now. I developed such a joy for doing it when i was with T, but i've come to realize not many people really appreciate it. I don't want to get the super emotional one when it's not going to resonate or if it comes off as cheesy. I don't show it much but i have this crazy romantic in me and that's not really common these days i don't think. Tangents, tangents, yes i know getting a romantic card for my dad-in-law would be way creepy. Where was your mind at? Did you know the word "tamarind" is based on Arabic for a date from India? The fruit, not the night i just had. J isn't from India, yo. Hey, look at that, all of a sudden it's summer solstice!
on the res


My main political interest is American politics. I browse the Associated Press wire every day and keep up with a couple of blogs. When something big happens i jump on CNN or Fox for pictures and WTOP or PBS for live audio. But i'm also occasionally interested in political developments around the rest of the world, especially in the Middle East. Usually a combination of my usual blogs plus AP and Al Jazeera covers that, but with this Iran thing all the cable stations (including Al Jazeera) are sucking major ass.

This is the first "news event" i have been following solely in the blogosphere. Knowing how much of an echo chamber it is, it's really hard to gauge the size of the movement. Twitter is, er, atwitter with thousands of unsubstantiated reports from the front line, and YouTube has amateur video out the ass. Andrew Sullivan is proving once again to be my favorite blogger by dedicating the majority of his entries to summarizing what's going on out there, though even with him as an aggregator it's hard to get to the root of things. The AP are about a day behind trying to fact-check the tweets.

Life as a reporter over there must be extremely frustrating right now, because you can't do your job - 24 have been arrested already. Life as an opposition supporter must be even more frustrating because after 10 days there's still no obvious traction. Most of them can't see government statements of support from overseas, they can't see the green icons on Twitter, they can't even get text messages from their friends in the next city over to see if the revolution is still on. What a mess!

What's fascinating to me is that the "reformers" still appear to be very much sold on the concept of a theocracy. On the day of the election here in Canada along the "Persian strip" here there were a lot of pre-1980 flags waving from cars. I don't think those guys will be moving back any time soon, even if we do see a revolution or major government shake-up in the next few weeks. The idea of integrating church and state so completely feels really bizarre to me as a westerner, but to the guys on the streets in Iran today it's perfectly acceptable - they just see recent events as a corruption of the ideal. It really opens my mind to the alternatives out there, though i also feel very lucky to be living here where i don't need to live under the moral code of a religion that isn't my own.

That's all for today's off-topic ramble. I'll get back to anxiety, whining and narcissism tomorrow, i promise.
on the res


They performed my opa's last rites yesterday. I just heard a half hour ago, not sure how long he has left. I'm feeling very lonely there's no one here I want to talk to but no one else who cares.

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