January 16th, 2010

on the res

im in ur head stealin ur sleepz

When i have nowhere to be in the morning, i go to sleep after 2. When i have a 9:30 in the morning, i still go to sleep after 2. When i have to wake up before 7 several days in a row, evenings start getting a little strange. I feel like a possessed doll - something is animating me, but my mind is lost in the shell. I tend to confuse people with nonsensical chatter and get myself caught in looped thought, or a web of distraction. Music sounds different. It's probably worse when i am home alone because without someone to tell me to go to bed it's like the spirit wants to see all it can before returning to wherever it came from.

Ironically i love sleeping. But there are things to do, damnit. I want to go to the gym again tomorrow morning because today i spent the whole class teaching instead of working out for myself. Today i have a basketball game and lots of jobs to apply for and school options to consider and emails to write and movies to watch and books to read and a special dinner to make. I should clean too. Ahaha, okay here we go. Whee!
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