April 1st, 2010

on the res


You know what? Fuck this fucking bullshit. I was just writing a really personal entry here and got interrupted by a call from the psychiatrist my fucking useless doctor referred me to. He was returning my request from yesterday to get on the cancellation list. I briefly explained why i needed to see him sooner and he said "oh, well i don't actually prescribe medication so you should probably be seeing another psychiatrist anyway"... What? Now i need to see that inept fucking clown they call a doctor to fight for yet another referral to another psychiatrist with another waiting list? Seriously? I AM SO FUCKING MAD RIGHT NOW.
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on the res


I just can't believe the last three medical clinics i called have between an 18 month and 2 year waiting period to get a doctor. I am feeling so fucking lost right now. I'm just incredulous.