November 22nd, 2010

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A sad fact of living in a city with 5 million plus people is that you can never really have an original idea. After not being able to fit onto the first train that went to the Santa Claus Parade we decided to change our plans and pop out at Union Station instead of Queen St and take our chances with the hopefully smaller crowds coming in from other cities instead of on the subway. Well, the Harvey's at the station was still packed with Raptors fans and the corner we staked out was packed with out-of-towners. Ah well.

This was the first parade i've been to in my life with no barriers set up. I presume it was so bored kids could play on the streets before the floats came by. Unfortunately it also meant that everywhere was a potential point to cross the street, and throughout the whole parade people were pushing through "just to get across". Fucking clownshoes apparently couldn't be bothered to walk up to the open cross streets to go with the streetcars. Or take the underground PATH. So much for Canadian politeness. Still, i got to see Santa. I wore my Santa hat. It was fucking freezing, but Babar the Elephant made it worthwhile. Pictures pending, perhaps, if they don't suck.
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