December 17th, 2011

on the res

did it happen?

I had a very strange evening last night. Thursday night with the guys from work turned out to be a fairly quiet one - a lot of people left early and about four of us stayed till 10:30ish. They all went home, but i wasn't ready yet so i ended up at the local pub near my house drinking with strangers and having all kinds of random chats. And then proceeded to go home and drunk-Facebook, which was interesting when i got the replies and notifications the next morning. I did make it into work, though. And made it through the day. And responsibly decided to not go out Friday so i could save myself for tonight. J wasn't home so i picked up some drinks and played video games. Perhaps i'm doing that too much because i had the weirdest, most vivid dreams. Some of them were clearly dreams - vivid as they were - so i just woke up very spun out and displaced. Amongst other things, i was at a bus station somewhere in the American south waiting for a connection and suddenly was surrounded by SWAT. A Predator drone flew overhead, and was shot down by a bunch of fighter jets, who had laser targeting systems that made it look like the biggest rave ever was going on. Other dreams were more down-to-Earth, like having a serious discussion about Poppy Z Brite books with one of my colleagues. That is so unlikely to happen it must've been a dream, but it's such a clear memory that i'm questioning whether it actually did happen. Tonight i have to do J's family's Chrismukkah thing and then chill for a bit before the Miss Honey Dijon warehouse party. I am SO looking forward to it, and a bunch of people i kinda-sorta know are going too, so it will be fun. But a part of me can't wait to go back to sleep and find out the rest of the story unfolding in my dreams. I think it was a dream. Reality is all a bit of a blur lately anyway.
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