February 3rd, 2019

singapore sunset

cold war evacuation plans

Dear everyone, i am durnk.

I am also exhausted. Because this week is the week preceding Spring Festival, i have pulled 7 days in a row. Now i get 7 days off, of which at least the next two i will just spend sleeping. I hope to catch up on LiveJournal and also let my family know i am alive on the remaining days. It's been months for them.

Anyway, i just logged on to say that everything about Brexit makes me really fucking angry. It still makes me angry. A big part of the reason why i left Europe is because Brexit made me so upset. I am so ashamed of my British heritage that i present full-time as Canadian now, despite having only lived there long enough to hoover up a passport.

Canadians don't say "hoover".

Most Chinese don't know that, so here i can pretend.