November 3rd, 2019

mom walk

story of a totally unbiased citizen

Protestors: Can the government withdraw this extradition bill?
Police: *shoots at protestors*

Protestors: Can the government also open an inquiry into police brutality?
Police: *arrests protestors*

Protestors: How about that inquiry into police brutality?
Triad: *beats protestors*
Police: ...

Protestors: Police brutality?
MTR: *shuts down services to aid the police*
Police: *beats protestors*

Protestor: *throws a molotov*
Police: *shoots a protestor*

Protestors: So, can we get that inquiry into police brutality now?
Government: *bans face masks to aid the police*
Police: *shoots another protestor*

Protestors: ...

Capitalists: Gosh, these protests sure are hurting our bottom line.
Government: Yes, these protests are hurting innocent, hardworking people.
Police: We are indeed all victims. If only they would stop protesting, we wouldn't be forced to beat them.

Totally unbiased citizen: I am very fair and balanced. There is good and bad on both sides. Therefore, the protestors must stop the violence.
Protestors: Great! Now, let's hold the police accountable and open that inquiry we asked for 4 months ago.

Totally unbiased citizen: ...