April 1st, 2020

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2 months lockdown - Shenzhen, China - 2020-04-01

(This is my draft for glimpseatmyday.)

Toward the end of January, about a month after they were first notified of the outbreak in Wuhan, the Chinese government started locking down cities to control the spread of the new coronavirus. They started with lockdowns mostly in Hubei province, but by February almost the whole country was locked down. In Shenzhen people were still allowed to leave their homes, but the only businesses allowed to open were grocery stores, pharmacies, wet markets and a handful of small restaurants. Most people just stayed at home and ordered in.

The hard lockdown continued till March, when businesses slowly started reopening. Last week the government dropped the mandatory face mask and temperature check regulations and allowed all workplaces to reopen. The city is gradually getting back to normal.

Here is my April 1st.

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Happy April, everyone. If you are just starting your lockdown, hang in. For me it was extremely tough going, but eventually things started to improve. China is still not doing great, but it's doing a whole lot better than 2 months ago.