June 27th, 2020

mom walk

escaping is hard to do

All economy and business class flights out of Guangzhou are booked for, like, months. I do have money to burn before i leave this country, but i don't have first class money. Xiamen doesn't have any flights out at all any more. Shanghai has a flight via San Fran, but i'd rather skip America. If i go from Hong Kong, i need to quarantine 14 days before i even get on the plane. It seems the only way to get out of southern China in the near future is the weekly Chengdu - Vancouver redeye, which is also almost sold out.

I need to book a ticket right fucking now.

I just don't know if i should book for July 14 and hightail it the fuck out of Shenzhen immediately after my last day of work, or leave a gap so i have time to finish off a few things like cleaning my apartment, sending money overseas and transferring my lease. On one hand, giving myself an extra week means i don't need to rush to get everything done on Friday July 10. On the the other hand, what am i realistically going to do in that time? I suppose i could spend it retracing some of my original trip around the country - lazily heading up to Sichuan via Guangxi and Guizhou... I am more confident now that i could blag my way around any officials who want to make my life difficult, especially if i can show a booked flight back to my "home country" and explain there are no other options.

The other variable is that when i arrive in Canada, i will be stuck in a hotel for 14 more days quarantine. Maybe it would be better to just jump directly to that step so i can start to figure out what to do from my new west coast base of operations? Staying in Canada is an order of magnitude more expensive, but while i am in China i am a bit hobbled to plan anything because i am in the wrong timezone to call and way too many businesses and government departments over there don't have an email address. I'm also worried about the political fallout of the Hong Kong security bill which is likely to be passed next week.

I dunno, when i started typing this i was leaning toward getting out as soon as possible. I don't want any complications, and the simplest option is to head straight out of the country. But now i am thinking about how Guiyang had my favorite street food in all of China. And Chengdu was the most chill city i visited, for sure. I'd get to eat a bunch of spicy food, drink some tea under a pagoda and say goodbye to the Mao statue. That wouldn't be so bad.

I need to make a decision. Weigh in, friends, what should i do? I will make a booking by the end of the weekend.