September 7th, 2021

on the res

high plains drifting picture post

Hey hey, it's a surprise picture post, coming at you from my tent in the Val Marie municipal campground. It is pitch black outside because this is close to a dark sky preserve. The sound of hawks is all i can hear. But they have wifi! This is a very aggressively edited set from the Milk River to Maple Creek leg, one of the most scenic yet.

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The past couple days have been grueling but fantastic, although i haven't even written anything up in full sentences yet, i haven't found the time to do more than just type some short notes in my phone. The parks officer this afternoon floated a suggestion with me that has me buzzing - since i am on a bike, she suggested i get a backcountry permit so i can camp wild, out in the prairie of Grasslands National Park. That's the park where a herd of buffalo has been set free to roam wild again. Can you imagine? A night in the prairie - the real prairie - all alone, wide open sky, with buffalo roaming around... It'd be like a dream come true. I'll see how i feel in the morning but tomorrow night could be one of the most memorable yet.