September 22nd, 2021

on the res

manitoba s-bend picture post

Manitoba was an interesting province for me to travel through, because it started with me trying to get to a town with a bike shop as quickly as possible to get my wheel replaced, and ended with me trying to get to a city with an airport so i could fly south as soon as the Biden administration inevitably announced that they still wouldn't open the land border on September 21. That meant i was rushing it a little bit, although to be honest - unlike BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan - there was actually nothing i was interested in seeing in Manitoba in the first place, so every nice spot i encountered was a pleasant surprise.

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So there's a bunch of Manitoba for ya. It turned out to be a pretty nice place. I will make a special picture post with the short Selkirk to Winnipeg run and my subsequent ramble around the city. Perhaps i will do it from the airport tomorrow.

My bike is packed. My COVID test came back negative. I bought a cheap sports bag to stuff all my camping gear in, since i obviously can't strap it to the bike. I have an airport hotel booked in Minneapolis, and a bike store lined up to reassemble my bike in St Paul. My tofu bao burger and kim chi poutine just arrived, so it's time to eat. Leaving Winnipeg tomorrow at 7:30am.