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Ich bin da! You know you're "home" when customs takes 30 seconds. After 15 years of waiting in long lines, only to be interrogated about my intent - even on the return leg - finally i could walk through the "citizens" door and be waved on with nary a second glance.

I wasn't sure how good my German was - and i'm not gonna lie, it stinks - but it got me an S-Bahn ticket, SIM "für dein Handy", bier und panini. The Hbf. area is pretty seedy, but the hotels are cheap and it's pretty convenient if i want to travel. Which, by the looks of it, i do.

It's all coming back to me now, how Europe is laid out with lots of small towns, each with their own cathedral and town square and coffee shops. If you want to go out, you take the train wherever. Heute abend? Thomas P Heckman and Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner. Wow. €12 in Bad Homburg. Really? Ja. I can't think of a better intro - Thomas Heckman, an acid techno legend from my youth, and some of my new minimal heroes, Alfred Heinrichs and Sascha Braemer.

But now, my first German burger. Und bier. Natürlich. It's cheaper than water.
Tags: travel

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