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I'm over my little "moment". Walked around the neighborhood a bit - man how it reminds me of Holland - and found a little cocktail bar with no teenagers, but a handful of students. They have a little courtyard out the back with pebbles and kiddie chairs and fairy lights and orange trees. [Bedroom addendum: Not orange trees, just trees with orange bulbs behind.] I know i'm gonna love this place. Inside, turntables, pictures of Marilyn Monroe and other tacky Americana Europeans love. [Bedroom addendum: Also "Sovietana", so this was hipster heaven.]

* * *

I just had a pretzel with my daiquiri. Because that's how you do. I had to break to English to ask if it was a slushy or a real daiquiri. "In North America they make it like icecream, but this is a real drink, right?" See, these breaks are okay because i can't communicate the subtlety otherwise.

I might be meeting a German tonight. I've been exchanging texts with one of the bemused students from Mainz who is going to the party tomorrow. He's at guitar lessons tonight, but might text later if he is up to it. We will see. I'm really enjoying pulling out my journal in various places and just writing about whatever. I don't take the time to do these things at home. I'm always rushing to work, trying to do the groceries, do this, do that, or sleeping and trying to recover.

I think that might be what i've been doing these first few days. Granted, i didn't expect to wake up early on Sunday after a flight and a late night, but i was surprised to struggle to be up by 10 both Monday and Tuesday after 10-12 hours sleep! I think my body is desperately in need of recovery from the overworking and other abuse.

* * *

[Bedroom addendum: Lots of drunk rambling redacted. But it was recorded in my paper journal for posterity.]
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