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I'm sitting on the Friedrichsplatz at what appears to be a very touristy restaurant (the waiter was rude, didn't bother to ask if i wanted to eat, and the beer is overpriced) listening to more church bells. I wonder if this is a "thing" around 6pm? I don't know. Tomorrow is Himmelfahrt - Heaven Journey? - they also celebrate it in Holland, i think. Perhaps it's calling people... [Bedroom addendum: Not sure why my thoughts trailed off there.]

Kassel, i like Kassel. It's the first place i have a hotel in the suburbs because i couldn't find one downtown at a decent price. Had a weird flashback to dad lying in the hospital for his back operation when i walked past das Rotes Kreuz Krankenhaus. I remember being so absorbed in a book when i went to see him that i walked plumb into a barrier (my sister walking ahead of me had sauntered underneath) and had to get stitches. 1987? Something. I also remember a bunch of BMXers doing tricks and listening to hip-hop on a ghettoblaster outside.

I was wise today and bought some food in advance, in case nothing is open tomorrow. First city i've actually found a supermarket that was open.

I dunno, i feel like i know this place; i wonder if i was here as a child? Frankfurt is just a big city like any other (though European), Mainz felt like that place you go to visit your aunt in university, but this feels like somewhere i've lived. Hills, graffiti, young parents, women my own height, green hair and tattoos.

I need some food and this ain't the place. I want to try a "Flammkuchen", something all the restaurants here have but i've never even heard of before. Looks like a really skinny pizza with ham and cream cheese. I also haven't had a bratwurst - or indeed any kind of wurst - despite the stereotype. Or a döner for that matter. Hmm.

Tonight is the night, the reason i came here. The 5 year anniversary of a local deep house website that M introduced me to last year. She's not into the music any more, but it's been one of the most influential sources of tunes for me over the past year. [Bedroom addendum: After listening to the sets on the site i went on the hunt for tracks, and found Nico Stojan - Cheriemoya, which introduced me to Katermukke, BAR25, URSL, and all the other fantastic German minimal, deep and tech house that's been the soundtrack of my single life.]

The woman at the next table over with green bangs, fuck, she looks so goddamn familiar it's driving me nuts. I don't know if she's a DJ or a TV presenter or what, but aaargh.

Okay. Let me hunt some essen.
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