amw (amw) wrote,

Where did i leave my soap box?

Oh yeah, right here. George W Bush, you're pissing me off. This latest "legalizing the illegals" crap is the lowest form of special-interest pandering. I can't even begin to express my frustration with the idea of rubber-stamping illegal immigrants and allowing them to stay in the country as legal (albeit temporary) workers. Here i am, someone who has wanted to move to the United States for years, someone who is educated, who speaks English as a first language, who has close friends and a PARTNER (!) in America, and i've got to jump through Green Card or H-1B hoops, risking my chances of EVER being allowed permanent residency in America, while people who sneak in over the border and illegally take jobs are being given the green light. What the fuck?

What makes it even worse is that the Democrats are whining that he didn't go far enough. I don't know what crack politicians are smoking over there, but the answer to the illegal immigrant problem is to round them up and KICK THEM OUT. Derr. THEN streamline the immigration process so that people who wish to immigrate legitimately have the opportunity to do so without waiting years for a response or risking their chances of ever legally entering the country again. I'm not holding my breath for a repeal of the federal DOMA (anti-gay marriage legislation), but God knows it'd be more reasonable than pardoning and REWARDING millions of known criminals.
Tags: american dream, immigration, news, politics, rants

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