amw (amw) wrote,

locked in

I have all my travel sorted from St Louis to Berlin. By way of Dallas, Austin, Monterrey and NYC. I might even do that gay ass Clerks roadtrip in NJ if i have the energy, because fuck it. Somehow i've managed to keep all the travel under $1500, which, even though i didn't get a return, is way better than i was expecting. All flights direct, bitch. With hotels and food i'll probably blow 2 grand, but it'll be worth it to see almost all my friends in North America (sadly west coast is too expensive). Also, i'm taking a motherfucking Amtrak. Too bad it's a redeye, but still.

I am now officially getting the back-to-work blues. Fuck Sundays, and fuck work. Yesterday i watched Key Largo. Today i watched Latter Days and a bunch of stand-up. Das Boot is sounding too heavy. So i think i will watch The Thin Man. Or just cry myself to sleep, even though i get to send my resignation email as soon as i wake up. God, four more weeks. Twenty days, minus Canada Day. Somewhere in between i need to empty this house and get a divorce. Ugh fuck. Now i really need something funny.

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