amw (amw) wrote,

i feel sick

Absolutely sick. I'm back here again. Last week i quit my job. Sent the confirmation email Monday before even getting to the office. Came in bright and early, worked past 6 trying to get as much in as i could for the release. The usual frustration and anger continued to mount each day, till yesterday when i worked from home because i couldn't deal with it any more. Sent a case over to QA after lunch, then turned off my computer and slept because fuck it. Woke up in the evening, checked my work email, started fuming and went back to bed. Woke up at 5am and now i can't get back to sleep because i'm shaking with rage at the work email, which was filled with 27 comments from the QA person i gave the case to yesterday. Nitpicking that the error messages weren't consistent. Except THEY FUCKING ARE. When i gave him the case i explained that he had forgotten to test a shit-ton of error scenarios in the past, and could he please consider doing those before closing the case and approving yet another broken feature for the release. So in order to make himself not look like the complete fraud that he is, he went above and beyond to find "bugs" in every scenario. Unfortunately because he apparently has absolutely no idea what the real-life use cases are, all of his "inconsistent error messages" actually aren't. So this morning i get to enumerate every single possible use case of this one tiny feature, and re-test all of them myself, and then explain to him one by one why he is fucking wrong. So i get to do his job, and his manager's job, and the product manager's job, and i'll waste another couple hours doing it, and he'll still be getting paid to decrease the quality of the product, and i'll still be working unpaid overtime to try make up for him and all the other team members who are a net negative, and i'll spend every day sick and stressed and wishing i was enough of an asshole to book vacation and then quit the day before. Except unlike most of the people there, i actually give enough of a shit that i'm actually giving them a proper month's notice. Stupid me.

Fuck making this friends-only. I don't like to rant about work publicly because i like to think i'm more professional than that, but this is beyond the pale.

God i feel like i'm going to break.
Tags: career

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