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This weekend's festivities started awkwardly, though in retrospect predictably. My boss is going on vacation for the next two weeks, so we won't see each other again. I expected him to have a chat with me in the afternoon, but around 4 he made a beeline out of his office and didn't return. I was completely taken aback - i know he's not really one for "touchy-feely" manager stuff, but nothing? No "it was a pleasure working with you"? No offer to be a reference? Not even a shake of the hand and a bon voyage? All i got was an Outlook invite to run two meetings in his absence. Even if he does email from home, it felt really weird. So, of course, i went to the bar to ponder the situation further. Several hours of pondering led to drinking the bar out of top-shelf tequila, which led to a $10 cab ride all of 200 meters round the corner, which led to Crystal Light-inis, which led to me flashing my tits, donning a slinky minidress, doing step aerobics, wearing sunglasses at night, splaying jazz hands everywhere, and getting hit with a same-day hangover when the morning sun finally came streaming through the blinds.

Next thing i know it's noon and i'm buried under a bunch of pillows afraid to come out due to the usual day-after bloat, except somehow this time i was in panties and a women's tank about 3 sizes too small, and thus feeling especially self-conscious. (I'm sure it all made sense the night before.) This is exactly why i always go home to sleep, no matter how late it is - i prefer to do my self-loathing in private. But since R has pretty much seen all my sorry drunken states over the last two years, and since the room refused to stop spinning for long enough, i stayed, and we actually ended up having a delightfully silly day. And, you know, that sort of 24 hours is exactly the sort of carefree fun that a night out with a friend should be - not the now-all-too-regular finale of me ranting at strangers or sobbing in the gutter. I wish i hadn't spent so much of the last few years getting frustrated over people who suck, because it's made me forget how nice it is to be able to relax around people who don't.

Admittedly, it is hard to be stressed or unhappy when you're in a fuzzy robe watching musicals all day. We watched Purple Rain, Mamma Mia, That's Entertainment and an old recording of Pippin. Since i've been on my old movie kick, my Broadway-loving friend has convinced me to try some more musicals, and i'm enjoying them. Well, the classic ones anyway. It's fun being the philistine on one hand, while simultaneously popping up with the odd obscure anecdote or reference from the camp/gay scene that i had never really contextualized until now. At home I watched Hedwig. Then Cabaret. Then Life With Judy Garland: Me & My Shadows. It is Pride, after all. And since that was heavy, the popcorn highlight of the week - Gold Diggers Of 1933. Depression-era showgirls are such darlings.

Last weekend was fun too. I finally caught up with one of my friends who i haven't seen in months. We cooked up a nice dinner and had gay fruity beer and listened to disco and eurodance and old techno all night. I even tried a bit of DJing again, and was happy to find it came back to me quicker than i expected. I've been buying 50+ songs each month for almost a year now, and most of them are very DJ-centric, so it'd be a shame to only ever listen to them in my phone.

...which i have managed to fuck up again. I swear, all my phones are doomed to die watery deaths. Tuesday it was crazy humid so i went through a few bottles of beer and some cans of Coke before bed. I left them on my bedside table, not really giving a shit about the puddle, because, you know, just how much water can condensate in 90F weather anyways? A lot, apparently. Or enough to destroy a phone sitting next to said bottles, at least. For fuck's sake. At least when i dropped my old phone in the toilet i knew it was done; this time i just assumed the battery had died, then spent the next few days hoping it'd come back to life when the weather cooled. No dice. So i have to buy yet another new phone, which is an expense i SO do not need when i'm just about to get my last paycheck in who knows how long.

One thing i did notice is that i hardly ever use my computer to keep in touch with people anymore. Since i got a smartphone, i check email, news, LJ, Facebook etc on that, and then only use the computer for specific admin tasks like internet banking, watching/downloading movies, buying music, etc. Or for replying to emails, because, fuck touchscreens. But without my phone i don't have the reminder to reply, because i never read the email in the first place. So apparently i have a very fucking lonely life when phoneless. Or a very peaceful one, take your pick. Unfortunately right now i very much need to make "official" calls and get in touch with my friends, and i don't have the luxury of being a hermit. I just wish i felt motivated to go to the store and sit through all the new phone bullshit. Stupid second-day hangover.

But it was totally fun.

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