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I might've overdone it a bit last weekend, which should have been fine since i was celebrating finishing work, except i still have shit to do and can't afford to lose days. At least i changed all my addresses, finalized my bills etc. Now all i really have to do is get rid of all this furniture somehow. Today J and i filed for divorce, which turned into a 5 hour extravaganza when we showed up at the wrong courthouse, drove through summertime gridlock, then had "amends" lunch it had gotten so late.

Tonight i am meeting with an old colleague for goodbye drinks. Tomorrow i am meeting with more colleagues for goodbye drinks. Last Friday, which actually was my last day, everyone pissed off at 4 leaving me working through till 5:30. Although we had this week planned for drinks (they are all little bitches who need to give their wives sufficient notice to book a night at the pub), i still felt a bit cut that no one dragged me away from my computer and said HERE, HAVE A BEER, THEN GO THE FUCK HOME. But such is life. Actually one person did end up taking me out for a drink Friday night - the IT guy who was shutting down my account. He has a serious knee injury but he specifically came into work because it was my last day, brought me Tim-Tams (Australian cookies), then hobbled to the pub and picked up the tab. That's a solid fucking colleague, the kind of guy who knows how to show appreciation for a parting team member (and i'm not even on his team!). Although my guys did take me out for lunch, it's very telling of the culture that there wasn't a card or a gift or any public acknowledgement of my last day - it's the first place i've worked at where people are so detached.

I also need to meet J at some point before i go. I was planning to get a tattoo by her but it looks unlikely i'll be able to fit that in. There are a couple of other friends i want to see too, one of whom still has all my Praga Khan CDs; hell, i may even give M one last hurrah (not that she's owed one after standing me up, but i do still have her BBQ). And i need to see N to get my hair done. And go to the doctor for vaccinations and medications. And clean and pack and confirm with all my friends what's happening when i arrive in each place, and ughhhh. This doesn't feel like a vacation. But, eh. I'd probably be bored if i just sat around. Though man, i would just like to sit around for a few (more) days. Maybe if i get it all done early i can sit in an empty hardwood-floored apartment "relaxing" for a week.

I watched 42nd Street yesterday. Gold Diggers of 1933 was better. But i've decided that 1933 was the greatest year for cinema.

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