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mania, i think i have it

Well, not really. I wish. But since i finished work i have been staying up late (where late means 3 or 4am) almost every night. Usually watching Star Trek, my latest Netflix addiction, or messing around with music. I see that as a good thing; i'm finally enjoying my break for the stuff i'm supposed to be enjoying it for. Except for the whole organizing my shit thing. This is going to go down as the most seat-of-your-pants move ever. On the 6th, Furniture Bank is coming to pick up all of my furniture, bar the bedroom set, which one of my old colleagues is going to pick up on the same day. That evening i will also have a going away drinks slash birthday with R and co. The 7th is my last day in the country, which i will undoubtedly spend painfully hungover. If i can't stay at R's i'm getting a hotel, seeing as my house will be empty. Though i will have to go back and clean it. Somewhere in there i am really fucking hoping that the laptop i ordered from Dell will arrive, though i spent an hour on the phone with a CS guy yesterday trying to fix the epic sales fuck-up that is likely to leave me computerless on my trip. Yesterday J cleaned out my kitchen. Today i have cut and color. Tomorrow i have a lunch with an old colleague. Friday D is picking up his records and my DJ controller. I'm guessing M is going to turn up this weekend to get her shit. If just one piece falls out of place or gets delayed, i am screwed.

I still haven't booked hotels or cars anywhere. I got hit by the avalanche of shit to move. Now that my furniture is sorted, i just need to pack boxes and then i can get back to the serious business of relaxing. And staying up till 4am watching Star Trek.

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