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This morning was busy trying to find a way down to St Louis. Extending my car rental would've been $300 plus gas, which is ridiculous given that's about half what i paid for my New York - Berlin flight. Flying down from Chicago would've been $200, plus another 2-3 hours of subway travel between airports, so i decided on a $20 Greyhound. I guess that's fitting for my Big American Experience, but man oh man, i am going to be fried when i finally get to Austin. R joked i looked like i was going on the Amazing Race when i left Toronto - after that 40 hours of travel i'm probably going to feel like it too.

I'm in downtown South Bend now, having a quick bite. I don't know if it's because school is out for the summer (University of Notre Dame is located here, amongst others) but it's as quiet as Fort Wayne was. Actually, when i lived in Tracy, California it felt like things were going a bit that way too. I drove through gridlock around the strip malls, and now i'm here surrounded by lovely buildings and coffee shops and i could dance in the crossroads for three light cycles without getting hit. Though i gotta say, it's very peaceful, and a nice respite from ducking between the throngs of retarded pedestrians that clog Toronto in the summer.

The weather continues to rock. The guy i spoke to at the bar yesterday said St Louis is currently flooded, which i hope doesn't screw up my plans. Fortunately the Greyhound stops right at the train station, and i have about an hour leeway. If i'm lucky i'll get to do a quick walk (or swim!) round downtown.

* * *

After lunch i walked around a bit more and stopped into a store selling miscellaneous knick-knacks. Unfortunately i can't really pick up any memorabilia because my pack is heavy enough as it is, but i did have a nice chat with the guy at the counter. He was born in St Louis but lived most of his life here, working interior design. Turned out he now does costume design for some local theater companies, so we talked about that for a bit, which 6 months ago i would never have been able to do. I went on a Bogart tangent with the dude yesterday too; it's neat realizing that i've enriched my life in more ways than just musically over the past year.

Anyway, he gave me some suggestions of other places to visit, which i zoomed through, trying to drink as much in as i could before tomorrow's early rise. I was walking by the riverside when i got a text from quit to meet up for coffee and cake. Continuing the Southern theme from lunch (po' boy), i went with a key lime cheesecake with marshmallow ghosties on the top. E mentioned i could actually visit Michigan kindasorta on the way to Chicago too, so if i have enough time tomorrow i might head up there and check out the lake before going back to the airport to drop the car off. Fun piece of Indiana trivia - most of the state is in Eastern time and only a tiny sliver next to Chicago is in Central. I plan on taking full advantage of that bonus hour tomorrow.
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