amw (amw) wrote,

okay okay

So i am mightily drunk. Stood up my dad, but fuck it. I am at some random street corner next to some Karl Marx center or some shit. There is a sign pointing to "Town Town" which is some Engrish if i ever saw it. Fucking random Österreichse dude invited me to his table, and he was so drunk i actually un-learned German talking to him.

Except now i'm the wasted one. Can barely stand up. I got an email from an ex-colleague this morn and fell straight back into the stress and frustration of the place. Fuck that. I'm drunk. Very.

I'm sure i have something deep to say but i'm so goddamned fucked it's ridiculous. Vienna is beautiful. Europe is home. I can speak Dutch much better than German. Drunks are the same everywhere. I'm a drunk. I look American. I feel European.
Tags: travel

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