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chilling up north

God, what a perfect day. Rostock is a beautiful little harbor town filled with German tourists who come to sail the Baltic. I'm guessing it, too, was destroyed in the war, because most of the buildings are very new, although with a hat-tip to classic architecture. I'm sitting outside on a cobbled road at a lovely little Greek restaurant on a cloudy Sunday afternoon after spending the day in bed. It doesn't get much lazier than this.

I just got a shot of ouzo, not in a tacky "o-pa!" way, just as part of the meal - an amuse bouche. The Germans holidaying up here are different; i've only really run into them on the Mediterranean where they're as obnoxious as every other tourist on that coast. Here it feels more laid-back, more like what i'd expect a vacation to be.

Of course right now spending a week in a holiday home chilling out is not my goal. I am simply traveling, soaking in the culture and going to these amazing fucking parties.

* * *

Boom. Here comes another ouzo. I've lived in the two cities in the world with probably the biggest ex-pat Greek populations (Melbourne and Toronto) yet never been to a restaurant like this. I don't know if it's the German influence or if it's just because it's closer by, but man oh man. The menu doesn't stop at souvlaki and spanakopita. I ordered gyros baked in some kind of red sauce with saganaki-ish cheese melted on top. My "salad" was the usual tomato/feta thing, but it was drowned in olive oil and came with cottage cheese and garlic bread. Together with the Greek music making me think back to my çiftetelli and maqsum beats this is a fucking dream Sunday.

And i had a dream night. I think this is a pretty small scene here, in spite of how many artists come from the area. But this was a birthday gig for one of my favorite locals, featuring DJs from Kassel, Berlin and Leipzig and it rocked ass. The Berlin DJ is part of that Bar25/KaterHolzig crew and she blew my mind. I can't wait to see her again.

It is so, so fucking awesome to be able to dance to music i love with a crowd who is enjoying it as much as i am. I don't care if the "serious" heads all go to Berghain and listen to boring fucking industrial techno. These small towns with the kids (and adults!) dancing their hearts out to deep/tech house and minimal are everything i love about this scene.

I think another ouzo and a coffee is necessary. I'm exhausted. I left the party at closing (7am), had a delicious breakfast of salami and cheese rolls at the hotel and then crashed for all of 4 hours. Tonight will be perfect. This weekend was perfect.

* * *

As an addendum, i just went to the bathroom and when i got back a plate was sitting here with a scoop of yogurt and honey, espresso on the side. I didn't order it, it's just another part of the meal. The terrace is shared with a local Harley dealership. Like i said, always follow the bikers. Amazing.

Tomorrow is Schwerin, another little East German town. No idea what's there, but rooms are cheap. Who needs Hamburg? Next weekend, Bremen, for a two day clubbing extravaganza with a line-up i could only dream of overseas.

* * *

God it's so nice to sit in a restaurant where it doesn't feel like the waiter is trying to kick you out. This meal has taken over two hours and still i just sit and smoke and smile. I never want to go back.

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