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What a strange but wonderful night. I disco napped, and napped, and napped till around midnight. On my way to the club i (stupidly) lit a cigarette. The closer i got to the train station, the more different sounds and smells hit me. Suddenly i got dizzy, threw my cigarette on the ground, then fell to my knees and puked up my entire dinner, plus a little more besides. Hit my pants, my shoes, my everything. The worst part is it was right by all the kebab shops full of drunks, so when i walked into a kiosk to buy some water i must've looked a total wreck. I feel bad for the owner, but i had no one to hold my hair :( Even better, it was 50 feet from the club, so when i walked in i must've been white as a sheet and still dripping from the water i used to clean up.

But i wasn't giving up my night. I got in, paid entrance, made a bee-line to the bar and ordered some more water. The club was beautifully decorated. The party had an Alice theme, the centerpiece of which was a wall-sized garden made of hubcaps and neon paint and who knows? The bar tables were hats and mushrooms, there were giant cards around the DJ booth, eyes on the walls, creatures on the ceiling and the bar staff were costumed to match. The whole party took on a wonderland feel for me, with no cell coverage, my ongoing nausea and the magical music.

This is the first single-room party i've been to where some of the headline acts played sub-120bpm dubby deep house. But people danced! They knew the tracks and cheered and whirled and smiled, the friendliest crowd i've seen since the glory days of the Brisbane rave scene. There was no pushing or shoving or getting bitchy, no clique-y circles on the dancefloor, just couples dancing sweetly together, dudes doing the techno viking, girls in sun dresses and sneakers, jeans and boots, hoodies and tanks, sparkle make-up, no make-up, eyes closed, eyes shining, dreads, pixies... Anything goes. One thing that did strike me was the average age, which was much younger than i expected, although it felt older because of the diversity and respect. I know PLUR shouldn't surprise me in the rave scene, but after the drug-soaked cynicism and jaded elitism of Canada's parties this made me feel so good. For moments here and there i forgot about my nausea and danced on cloud nine. Of course, being sick and not having access to the - ah - "supplements" many of the locals did, i found myself tiring early. I stuck it out till about 8am, and after dozing off a few times in one of the various airplane chairs sitting around the place i realized i should probably head back. After a quick thank you to a Leipzig artist whose live show literally brought me to tears on the dancefloor i picked up a bagel and walked along the river back to my hotel to collapse happy.

Other than the bagel, all i've eaten today is some sushi and chocolate. I think i feel better. Tonight i meet up with an artist from Berlin i've chatted to online for about a year, then we head on to day two of the party (where he's performing) and i'm gonna try my best to last till 3pm (yeah, right). Let's just hope i don't start the night with another almighty chunder. I want a vegemite sandwich.
Tags: music, travel

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