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It's heaven. It's a timewarp. Sunday afternoon i decided to go to Katerholzig for a little dance, get myself geared up for the week. I ended up staying 18 hours. I'm not entirely sure what happened. At some point i think i took a walk to get money. I remember eating a hotdog in the blue hut. And talking to a Berber. Also buying another pack of smokes, which is now gone. I left a trail of Shazamed songs and increasingly random WhatsApp messages in my digital wake until about 4am when my phone died and i became completely stranded in the bubble.

I finally headed home after using the last of my energy going nuts to a string of acid house tracks one of the mystery Monday morning DJs played. The walk to the subway seemed very, very long. The sun was very, very bright. Actually, so was the subway. I have absolutely no idea where the time went. I absolutely do not care.

A few times in the past couple weeks i've admonished myself for not taking advantage of all the great events that are going on here. What happens if i dont find a job and then i've just spent 2 months in Berlin watching Netflix and making nachos? But nights like last night, nights like the blindingly drunken evening listening to South American house music at a local bar last Thursday... Nights where i have random conversations with people from all over the world, dance to music i love, sleep and wake and keep dancing and drink and smoke and feel like utter shit the next day... These are the nights i could never have anywhere else, nights that bring the temporary autonomous zones of festival culture into the city, make it attainable 20 minutes from home, any day of the week. Even if i do have to leave in 2 months, even if i didn't catch any of the great DJs who play here, or go to all the "must see" nightspots, i will still have had an unforgettable experience.

Even if half the night i blacked out. Ha.

* * *

A bunch of other interesting things happened besides Thursday night and Sunday "night". On Saturday i caught up with one of my old colleagues from Australia for brunch. We had a great chat - it sounds like he has really been following his heart too, and professionally he's been crazy rewarded for it. He invited me to his work drinks, and to Drumcode night at Berghain next month. It's kinda nice to run into a familiar face on the other side of the world.

After my Wednesday night interview work stuff died down a bit because apparently my weekend stretched from Thursday through Monday. I ordered in twice, which felt pretty good after cooking my own meals for a couple weeks. I picked up the mailbox key from my landlord so that i could register as a resident here and get mail. I landed an in-person interview with a job i applied for while i was still in Vienna - that's Thursday afternoon. I should probably buy some clothes. I am done with dressing up uncomfortably for interviews, but the least i should do is get a jacket, because it probably isn't a great look to drip all over their floor. Might be a good idea to get some work sneakers that aren't all beat up from dancing and climbing mountains too.

It's now Tuesday afternoon and i'm still pretty burned out from the weekend. That's something i'm going to have to get used to snapping out of again, if i find work. Though i suspect my body is just making the most of the unemployed bum lifestyle at the moment - i had the same worry when i went full-time in 2009 that i wouldn't be able to wake up every day, but sure enough once i had the job the rhythm just came back (for a while, at least). The other critical thing once i have an income and health insurance is to get meds again. I haven't felt badly crazy in quite some time - my no-obligations lifestyle seems to have done wonders for me in that respect - but my bones probably need some estrogen. Though i did notice the other day my boobs seem to have grown in spite of the lack. I suspect that might be an optical illusion tied to losing weight. More walking, more dancing, less American cuisine. Go, Europe! More beer, though, which i thought would offset the food thing but apparently hasn't. Weird.

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