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day of the dead ATM card
Well this is just about the shittiest thing that could have happened to me while i was overseas. My ATM card has expired. The vast majority of restaurants, bars and corner stores here only take cash, so you can't really live on credit unless you exclusively visit supermarkets and shopping malls. The fact that i discovered this half an hour before i was due for a lunch interview kicked me into an anxious tailspin. Fortunately i pulled myself together enough to perform well, and i ordered the cheapest thing on the menu in case i had to use my last 15€ paying for it (i didn't). On the way home i took money out of my Visa card as a cash advance, which is no doubt going to cost me a fortune in fees and interest. I was hoping to minimize the damage by logging on to internet banking and immediately transfering the balance from my checking account, but apparently when your ATM card expires both internet banking and telephone banking lock you out completely. I called Canada and sat on hold for 20 minutes trying to get the problem solved, but they can't even transfer cash electronically on their end until my new card has been activated. And my card is sitting on R's kitchen counter in Toronto. FUCK!!!!! Right now i am planning to tell R my PIN, get her to purchase something (anything) in Toronto just so that i can regain access to internet and phone banking, then have her send me the card express so hopefully by next weekend i can live a normal life again. Although i'd love to go out and party this weekend to celebrate a relatively good week of job news, i am now extremely nervous to spend cash on anything because i don't know how much Visa is going to charge me for advances. This SUCKS. So fucking hard.

Meanwhile i still haven't received a written offer for the job (no biggie) and the interview today was pretty good. Nice guys at the company, the office language is German so i'd learn a lot faster than anywhere else, and the company is high profile in Europe and in the enterprise world, so it wouldn't be a bad career move. On the other hand, i kinda still want that other job because it's using slightly more interesting technologies at a company with a lot more room to grow. But whatever. My most pressing concern right now is not having an ATM card or online banking access. Fucking fuck.