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who shot jr?

Crap! A week or so back i started watching Dallas (the original) as a background show while i applied for jobs and whatnot. Tonight, as usual, there are a dozen events going on in that i'd love to go to. I also Facebooked a French DJ i met in Toronto who is in town for a gig. He plays at 5am in Mitte and i offered to head out for drinks beforehand, which works well because there is a bar in Kreuzberg i want to check out where a local hippie house head is playing from 11pm. It's 10:30pm and i have 5 minutes left of Dallas season 3. WHO SHOT JR??? Sure, audiences back in 1980 had to wait 6 months to find out, but i have season 4 in my download folder and very little self control. I don't know if i'll be able to resist another episode. Goddamnit.

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