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The cliffhanger takes 4 episodes to resolve? Damnit! Okay, skipping the first pitstop tonight. M plays at M-Bia at 5am and he put me on his guest list. Elliver is playing at 11am at Ritter Butzke tomorrow. Later on KaterHolzig has Smash TV, Pascal FEOS, Red Robin... And of course next week i have to go to KaterHolzig because that's the last weekend before they demolish the hütte. And the week after i can't go to Holland for an oldskool acid party i have been planning to go to for months because my buddy Sean from Toronto is playing Ritter Butzke. Not to mention all the other events that are on. This place is a fucking black hole of techno. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

But tonight i have 2 bottles of Becks, 1 Club Mate and a bag of chips to get me through till i find out who shot JR.

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