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a new home

It's been a good few days. Saturday night was crazy - i only got home around 9pm Sunday. M-Bia was a nifty little club with a much younger crowd than the other places i've visited in Berlin. It was actually kind of nice to be in a club where everyone was German for a change. A lot of ravey teenagers dancing their hearts out... Even the girls did the Techno Viking! And it was charming to see German kids in hardstyle tees doing the Melbourne shuffle to straight-up techno. The headliners were a 90s-styled techno live act - just drum machine and synths, acid lines and loops and spontaneous progression - none of the clean 32-bar builds and breaks laptop musicians do. It was a real blast from the past. M played some fairly upbeat techno and tech-house instead of his more usual deep and moody stuff to please the crowd, and afterwards we went over to his friend's place to drop off his gear. I was originally going to head to Ritter Butzke for Elliver et al, but M was keen to go to Kater, and, well, i ain't gonna say no to that place. It was as magical as ever. They had a Dia de los Muertos display set up in one of the rooms, which was really touching, and i danced and danced. I kissed a drag queen and wore her 7" heels. I ate a crepe and explored another new room i'd never seen before. Around 8pm someone in the chillout room played The Prodigy - No Good and i summoned up all the last of my energy to rave dance to it like it was 1995. I felt very old afterwards.

Naturally i passed out as soon as i got home. Today i took it really easy, showered, did some groceries, ate delicious sandwiches, watched Dallas... And then i got the contract for the job i wanted. Headed back to the store for champagne and chocolate and had a mini celebration to finish the evening. It's barely 8pm now but i want an early night. Tomorrow i'll go by the city to register my address and get a tax number. Then i accept the contract, send my regrets to the other jobs i have on the boil, and open a bank account. Which will be useful, since R activated my new ATM card so i can do internet banking again - soon i'll have local money minus the fees. Lots to do. Lots of boring stuff. But then i have 3 solid weeks to enjoy myself without needing to stress at all. My last chance to do it for quite some time.

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