amw (amw) wrote,


Now that was fucking epic. Almost 24 hours at the KaterHolzig, i can't even begin to get into the debauchery. It's probably fitting that my memories of the hütte shutdown are so utterly bent. I haven't been that wasted in public in a long time. I went through 3 packs of cigarettes and something like 150€ in alcohol. Stayed right till the end, sometime Tuesday afternoon, and had to be "gently kicked out", schlumped on the bar in a daze. I clutched that last beer all the way home like it was the holy grail. House. Techno. Acid. Disco. Schlager. Dubstep. Just plain dub. Silence. Spaces in between the silence. Argh. Absolutely destroyed. That's the party i needed before going back to work. Ridiculous.

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