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One of the downsides of living in a city where there is a huge population of music industry professionals is that midweek clubbing is absolutely not work-friendly. In Toronto and other places i've lived, midweek clubbing often starts around 9pm so you can have a few drinks, enjoy some music, and still make it home by midnight. Here the parties don't even start till midnight. This is my time to take advantage of it - and admittedly i did sleep most of yesterday and today - but i don't want to be completely topsy-turvy come that first day of work.

I was talking to S at his birthday and the gig Saturday about the life of a working musician. He said it can get pretty weird sometimes, traveling to different cities around Europe, waking up in the middle of the night and looking out the window without any idea of what country you're in any more. It's a lonely life, too, because "normal" working DJs don't get an entourage in their rider. He said next time he goes on tour he'd let me know to see if i wanted to come with, because it's always more fun to have someone to hang out with and talk to, and it can't always be his partner, who also has a job of her own to manage. These are the things that make me realize why i don't really want to have that as a career. Although it must be one of the greatest feelings in the world to be the facilitator of a such a fabulous escape for hundreds of people, ultimately you're still going from hotel room to hotel room, trying to stay slightly less exhausted and hungover than the people who actually were enjoying themselves, keeping it all together for the next gig. Hard work. I'm glad they do it, because i get to be one of the people dancing and smiling and completely forgetting myself.

So, tonight, Magnutze and the OLA Records guys at Chalet... at midnight. Fuck. It would be so nice. I still haven't really done a proper midweek party here - the endless daytime hours of KaterHolzig and similar places are more home for the still-drugged remnants of the night(s) before. Though perhaps that's exactly what the midweeks are like too, catching the overflow from whatever previous club finally ended up closing. Who knows? All i know is every night of the week here i can see artists i love, people whose music makes me happier than anything. Amazing.
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